Success Stories

Success Stories

"There are differences in every profession…there are average carpenters and great carpenters; bad mechanics and outstanding mechanics, poor teachers and life-changing teachers.

Similarly, there are the average builders out there that sell you an average house, and then move on their next average development.

And then there are builders like Devonleigh…dedicated to professionalism and quality. They are there for you and with you… making sure you are extremely satisfied… not just content. Devonleigh isn’t happy unless you are. They make sure everything is the way you want it.

Our experience with Devonleigh has been outstanding from pre to post sales. Each member of the team has been there for us every step of the way, and many have gone above and beyond what you expect from a builder. Their dedication to customer service and quality is exceptional and we can’t thank them enough for the care they have shown us and the wonderful home they built us.

Devonleigh builds homes, not houses. For our next home…if it isn’t a Devonleigh, then it won’t be our home.

Thank you Devonleigh!”

Kelley, Andrew and Cole Blunden

"My wife and I purchased our first home with Devonleigh back in 2007/08 and it was the great experience with that home that enticed us to return to the Devonleigh sale office to look for another house to suit our growing family. With the current and future growth of Alliston, we were fortunate to have an array of 6-7 builders to choose from, compare to, and ultimately decide on, to have build our new dwelling. We had first hand knowledge of Devonleighs customer service, building quality and workmanship, and could now see that they truly stand ahead of the others when considerations are taken to making what is arguably, most families’ biggest decision and purchase.”

Rob and Megan Senay

“We just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge “Thank You!” to everyone at Devonleigh Homes. This being our first home purchase we were initially very apprehensive about what we were getting into but as soon as we walked into the sales centre and began speaking with the staff we knew we had come to the right place. Our décor selection appointment was even more amazing as we were continuously surprised with all that Devonleigh offers as a standard feature that you would normally consider an upgrade with other builders and by the expertise of the consultants who work tirelessly to make your purchase into your ‘home’.

We both agree that the experience we had as new and first time home buyers with Devonleigh was one that we likely would not have had with any other builder based on the many, many horror stories we have heard and we are grateful for everything. Even after closing the willingness of the customer/service staff to assist us with our concerns, no matter how small, is something that none of our friends and family can say they experienced with their builders.

From the first day to the present day the staff at Devonleigh Homes continue to impress us with their customer service and pride in their work. From the trades that work on site to those that work behind the scenes in the offices it is clear that everyone takes pride in the work that they do to make sure the home owner is happy. We would not hesitate to recommend Devonleigh Homes as a builder of choice for anyone looking to purchase a new home and is looking for a builder that cares.”

Akhil and Katelyn

“Our experience has been nothing but positive with Devonleigh Homes. We found the customer service to be professional and extremely satisfactory at every level during the whole process of purchasing and moving into our new home. The quality of our house is exceptional. We highly recommend Devonleigh Homes.”

Cathy & Tom Paul

“We have been totally impressed with our Devonleigh experience. From the initial visit to the sales office to examining the 5 show homes we knew this was the right purchase. The sales staff took excellent care of us through the entire winter our house was being built. At the Decor Centre, we reviewed many standard features that we considered upgrades. Imagine our surprise when we were called for the initial ‘stud wall and insulation’ walk through inspection of our newly built and framed house. We were excited!

Many of our friends told us horror stories about other builders, but none of these incidents materialized for us. The pre-delivery inspection was phenomenal, the customer service rep went through the house and pointed out deficiencies better than we could with the intention of sorting them out before the move in. Having experienced late closings, our friends were amazed that our house was being cleaned a week before our scheduled closing date. Needless to say, our closing date was exactly on time, something unheard of around here. We were overwhelmed by Devonleigh’s warranty follow up, staff and their enthusiasm to correct any deficiencies immediately.

The construction continues around our house and whenever I chat with the trades people, they report that they take pride in their work directly from Devonleigh’s unique approach. In jest, I tell everyone I am asked, “Don’t buy ONE! Buy TWO of them!” This has been the best purchase we have made.”

Barney & Barbara Gotuaco

“We were just visitors to Collingwood and stopped by your sales office. The quality presented in your model homes and the quality of your very friendly staff made us decide to buy our holiday home in Collingwood instantly. Furthermore once we closed, the experience makes us think that we should make it our permanent home. The friendly and beautiful neighbours and the awesome staff make us feel more comfortable and keep bringing us back each week even though we have so much to do in Mississauga!! They also “forced” us into buying a second home too!!!”

Norman Karkada

“After visiting several existing Devonleigh communities in the area we decided to take a closer look at Creekside in Collingwood. A tour of the models made the decision easy. The friendly, professional sales team were very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. We are very pleased and proud of the finished product. When we moved into our new house, it felt like home.”

Jeff & Lisa Hansen

As purchasers of five previously built new homes with various builders, Devonleigh has by far surpassed all expectations for their quality of workmanship, professionalism, curb appeal and innovative interior design. Their professional sales and design teams helped us to achieve our dream home, and we have no hesitation recommending Devonleigh Homes

Tony & Maureen Flanagan

A few days ago I took a walk through another builders freshly built "inventory home" that friends of mine had just purchased. Although my home experienced problems I can say without doubt that Devonleigh has treated us with the utmost respect and customer care. All problems brought forward have or will be dealt with on a timely basis. The "other builders" home was so below what Devonleigh offers as "standard" that it's actually unfortunate they have to compete with Devonleigh - I'm not sure how they sell homes with you guys in business around them! Simple things such as finishes, fixtures and landscaping are what truly set Devonleigh apart from the others. I was literally awestruck when I witnessed this builders "finished" product.”

Devonleigh homes are truly on another level of beauty and design. What Mathew and I loved most about Devonleigh homes is that they are not "cookie cutters" homes. The designs are beautiful and worth every penny spent.

Just wanted to share a few kind words. You and everyone involved with Devonleigh being successful deserve a pat on the back for the homes you build from the ground up.

JKasandra & Mathew